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RareThings 45th Social 07

Wednesday, June 26  •  11am-3pm

Local Authors Book Signing & Open House
   Glen Hinshaw                      Charles Harbert
    Margaret Lamb                    Charles Downing
    Bob Holt                                Laura McClenny
    David Clark                          Bob Seago
    Linda & Steve McCormick   

ChuteOut Rodeo & Bull Riding:  Mineral County Fairgrounds • 6pm

Thursday, June 27  •  11am-3pm

Open House
   Sam Keith, Artist
   Sam Hufman, Glass Artist
   Employee Appreciation Day honoring all Rare Things Gallery employees from 1974 to present!

Friday, June 28  •  11am-3pm

Open House
   Patty Kingsbaker, Artist
   Greg Genovese, Renowned Miner & Cutter of Fine Gemstones
   Chris Genovese, Sculptor & Filmmaker

Saturday, June 29  •  12:30-4:30pm

Open House
   Pam Houston, Author - Reading & Signing of “Deep Creek”• 3:30pm

Dance to The Rifters • Elks Hall • 8pm-11pm

Sunday, June 30  •  10am-2pm

Brunch & Studio Tour at Stone-Inge