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Custom Horsehair Jewelry Crafted From Your Horse's Hair

Any of the designs presented in our Stock Design Catalog can be crafted from your own horse’s hair to create a unique and lasting keepsake. Because custom hair pieces are extremely time consuming (each hair is counted, quality checked and cleaned before braiding), add 20% to stock prices for tail hair, and 30% for pulled ‘wads’ or main hair. Please allow 12 weeks for custom orders.

Instructions for Collecting Horsehair

  • Pick the longest hairs at the bottom of the tail.
  • While lifting them to the side with one hand, pull the shorter hairs away with the other hand.
  • Pull away as many short hairs as possible so that you are cutting only the long hairs
  • Cut close to the tail bone.
  • Cut 2-4 bunches from different places on the tail so as not to take too big a chunk out of one place.
  • The final bundle should be about a 1/4” (about a pencil or little finger) in diameter.
  • If you wash the hair, make sure it is completely dry before putting it in a zip-lock bag. Clearly print your name and phone number on the bag with a permanent marker.

Call to Place a Custom Order: 719-658-2376