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Jennifer J. Inge

There is no better way to describe Inge's work than as a mixture of fine craftsmanship, organic naturalism and classic elegance. An excellent eye for design, fine metal working, stone setting, and above all, a constant demand for quality are evident throughout her artistic endeavors.

Jennifer's talents are not confined to jewelry design; jewelry is but one facet of her sculptural expression. She views jewelry as wearable sculpture and finds it "wonderful to work in a variety of scales from tiny gemstones in jewelry to huge boulders in landscaping and architecture."

Living in the Rockies, she finds infinite inspiration for countless projects, from woodcarving to furniture construction and building her house. She enjoys spending her rare free time exploring the mountains for raw materials with her horses.

Inge Horsehair Jewelry Collection

Horsehair Jewelry Catalog

Jennifer uses a number of refined braiding techniques to create contemporary horsehair jewelry. The history of her search for these techniques is a long and varied one, spanning more than twenty years. She learned the more familiar braiding techniques of the cowboy and Mexican cabellero tradition through the study of historical documents, old books, and most importantly, from those old timers, whose craft might have died with them.

But the Southwest is only one chapter in the history of her horsehair braiding, and Jennifer has not confined herself to its traditions. Research into other cultures is a main source of inspiration for her designs, and the techniques she uses in her work today have antecedents in Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as the American West. In some cases she has literally unraveled the secrets of antique pieces whose long forgotten patterns were all but lost to contemporary craftsmen, for no written record exists. Ongoing efforts to find and create variations on these age old designs keep her work fresh and alive with innovations.

Treasure Necklace®

The world is full of treasures, often discarded or overlooked, waiting to be rediscovered and treasured again. You can find them in Grandma's dresser or at a flea market, in a stream bed or a bone pile, along the beach or by the side of the road. Sometimes there's a extra special one (or two or ten) that you want to keep with you all the time. The classic and versatile Treasure Necklace, created by Jennifer Inge, lets you do just that. Arrange your treasures yourself, or bring them to Rare Things and let us assemble your collection into the wearable art of a Treasure Necklace® design. The Treasure Necklace® is a Federally Registered and Protected Trademark.

Inge Treasure Necklace